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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Revenue Admin Office Vacancy in South Africa

Saturday, March 12, 2011
Closing date for applications: 17 March 2011
Reference Number : CUS0019
Job Title : Revenue Admin Office x 10
Position Reports to : Manager: Finance
Division : Customs
Location : Limpopo: Groblersbridge X 1, Beitbridge X 1
Mpumalanga: Lebombo X 2, Golela X 1
Gauteng: ORTIA X 2, Head Office x 1
North West: Skilpadshek X 1, Ramatlabama X 1
Advert Date : 08 March 2011
Please indicate the location of choice when you apply
Job Purpose:
To perform the revenue activities of Operations within predefined guidelines and structures, ensuring good governance, and the economic, efficient and effective revenue administration as required by the Public Finance Management Act.
• Identify problem areas requiring new policies, procedures or systems and communicate same to the TL Finance
Governance - Ensure adherence to financial policy and governance issues within the Office
• Identify risk areas that could result in revenue and/or debtor loss and communicate same to TL Finance
• Promote compliance with corporate governance (PFMA) in respect of Expenditure, Procurement, and Administered Accounts
• Ensure the safeguarding of SARS’s assets and revenue
• Financial management activities – Revenue Administration
Management of the revenue accounting cycle of the Branch Office
• Compilation and reconciliation of the daily income analysis statement re import statistics obtained from the Import Teams to Actual Collections and declarations splitting between:
- Exempt goods
- Zero- rated goods (including transits)
- Taxable declarations - Deferments
- Taxable declarations - Cash
• Responsible for the safe custody of the 4th copy of the CCA1 (SAD500) and supporting documentation
• Identify expected daily collections with regard to import declarations and submit same to TL Finance
• Perform a monthly analytical review of the income analysis statement re imports and identify all material deviations and obtain explanations from Operations
• Submission of Income analytical review to TL Finance for review
Debtor (Deferment Account) Management
• Maintain a listing of all office deferment accounts indicating details, deferment limit, statement and payment dates
• Update the deferment accounts with all BOE deferred during the deferment period
• Allocate deferment payments from the cash book against the respective deferment account
• Issue accounts to all deferment registrants within the prescribed period as reflected on the deferment account listing
• Issue 13th account to all deferment registrants within the prescribed time frame during the month of March with regard to the end of the Financial Year
• Identify all registrants from the deferment account listing who have failed to pay within the prescribed period and follow-up same with the registrant
• Calculate interest and penalties on all outstanding accounts to date of payment
• Ensure handover to Debt Management should deferment registrants not comply to payment of outstanding accounts
• Ensure compliance to Deferment Policy with regard to defaulters on the deferment scheme
• Ensure compliance to the process with regard to new applications for Deferment clients
• Perform a cut-off on all deferment accounts at month end and summarise same on the Deferment Control Worksheet.
• Ensure the completeness of deferment accounts by ensuring that the monthly deferred entries reconcile to the total deferments per the income analysis
• Advise the TL Finance of the month-end deferment balance per the Deferment Control Worksheet
• All adjustments to deferment accounts must be authorised by the TL Finance.
• Maintain proper records and filing systems to ensure the completeness, validity, and accuracy of debtors.
• Responsible for the maintenance and daily updating of the securities listings
Securities Management
• All removals must be approved by the TL Finance and Branch Manager
• Ensuring that client has no outstanding debt with office – by issuing letters to all Sections and receiving confirmation from all Sections that there are no outstanding debt by client before security maybe removed from the listings
• All requests by clients for increase or decrease of securities must be channelled through the Risk Committee for approval before any changes to securities are made
• Responsible for the performance of confirmations with the financial institution
• Report on securities to the TL Finance on a monthly basis
• Signing of Quality Assurance Certificate after validation of securities are done in the month of the securities birthday
Provisional Payment Account Management - Creditors
• Maintain C&E creditor listing (PP Register) and aging on a monthly basis and reconcile same by:
- Adding all PP receipts received;
- Deducting all PP refunds made
• Refunds must be reconciled to the uncleared receipts on the PP Register prior to forwarding same for approval to ensure that the monies were originally banked
• Identify and report on all long outstanding items to the TL Finance and assist on follow-up of same
• Prepare and submit the monthly PP Register report to the TL Finance
• Prepare letters for Snr Manager sign off to clients with regard to the extension requested on PP’s and ensure that clients receive these letters on time
• Prepare letter of approval for Snr Manager sign-off for the Estreation of PP’s older than 2 years
Knowledge & Skills:
• Thorough financial and accounting knowledge.
• Meticulous with a high degree of attention to detail.
• High level of integrity and responsibility.
• Good verbal and written communication skills.
• Good interpersonal skills.
• Team work.
• Client orientation.
• Sensitivity and diplomacy.
• Must be flexible and committed to transformation.
• Clear understanding of financial information systems.
• Computer literate and proficient in the use of MS Office (Excel, Word & Power Point).
• SAP R/3 – Logging on and navigating within the SAP menu and processing within (FI) Travel Management, Petty Cash, (MM) Material Management.
• Logging onto and creating shopping carts on SRM (Supplier Relationship Management)
• Valid drivers license (code 08).
Education & Experience:
• Grade 12 with Accounting or Mathematics and at least three years experience in a Financial Accounting environment.
Employment Equity
The Employment Equity policy of SARS will be considered as part of the recruitment and selection process. For statistical purposes, please indicate your Equity status (race, gender and disability) on your CV.
Successful candidates will be required to undertake an oath of secrecy, pre-employment screening and or vetting, and a declaration of private interest. The appointment is also subject to appropriate reference(s) and security clearance if applicable.
Please complete the online CV template and save it on your computer, email it to customsrecruitment@sars.gov.za and indicate the reference number and the job title of the vacancy you are applying for in the subject line. Click on this link to take you to the CV template: http://myportal/Functions/HR/HR%20Documents/Templates/Documents/CV%20Template%20-%20SARS%202008.doc.


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