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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Team Leader: Control Room : SARS Jobs

Saturday, March 12, 2011
Reference Number : SEE0039
Job Title : Team Leader: Control Room
Position Reports to : Manager: Regional Physical Security
Division : Enforcement & Risk
Department : Security Department
Location : Free State
Advert Date : 09 March 2011
Job Purpose
 To manage staff within the control room environment
 To provide professional & effective monitoring and administration of Access Control,
CCTV, Fire, Intrusion and various other building management systems and early
warning systems.
 To provide proactive active and effective reporting system to the supervisor
concerning faults & failures of Security Systems and transgressions regarding
Security regulations and other laws.
Manage Access control monitoring activities within the control room
 Recognition and positive identification of all persons, particularly employees and
 Recognition and positive identification of company passes and identification media.
 Submission of reports concerning access control statistics
 Recording all movement of members and visitors on premises.
 Programming of all relevant data for electronic access control system.
 Printing, evaluation & summarising conclusions in regard with access control
movements when requested by Management personnel of various divisions for
auditing purposes.
 Normal office administration in order to keep relevant access control registers up to
 Performing continuous system audits in order to determine faults and failures on
doors/gates & card readers and data entry console.
 Ensuring regular system backups are made and taking responsibility for the storage
Ensure that CCTV Monitoring activities are conducted in accordance with procedures
 Entails continuously monitoring camera images with the aim of detecting
crime/attempts thereto and security breaches in real time and monitoring all other
detection and communication systems in order to maintain safety standards.
 Operate all CCTV equipment in control room in a correct and efficient way by
adhering to the developer’s instructions (CCTV equipment is highly technical of
 Arrange the use of CCTV cameras and screen sequencing to increase the likelihood
of detecting incidents.
 Maintain CCTV, warning systems, communication and control room equipment
through daily inspections to detect failures and faults.
 Monitoring of all early warning systems and communication equipment.
 Follow-up of all outstanding fault/failure/alarm conditions.
 Raising security consciousness.
 Constant direct liaison, co-operation and co-ordination with, and reporting to, the
controlling institutions
 Management of the occurrence book and follow up on all issues logged
 Record all administrative tasks, in line with standard operating procedures.
 Maintain accurate records and logs for visitors, incidents, tape handling and shift
hand-over procedures.
 Report writing of incidents that has taken place during the shift.
 Completing all relevant registers with the greatest accuracy and reporting of all staff
related incidents to the Manager: Regional Physical Security.
 Ensure that proper staffing of the control room takes place at all time
 Administer leave
 Initiate disciplinary processes in coordination with the Manager: Regional Physical
Knowledge & Skills:
 2 Years experience and knowledge of technical, theoretical and practical aspects
concerning electronic security equipment and principles.
 Computer literate
 Attention to detail
 Excellent communication skills
 Analytical thinking
 Good administrative skills
 Report writing skills
Education & Experience:
 Grade 12
 Grade A Certificate (Registered with PSIRA)
 Accredited CCTV Surveillance Course
 Accredited Access Control Course
Employment Equity
The Employment Equity policy of SARS will be considered as part of the recruitment and
selection process. For statistical purposes, please indicate your Equity status (race, gender
and disability) on your CV.
Successful candidates will be required to undertake an oath of secrecy, pre-employment
screening and or vetting, and a declaration of private interest. The appointment is also subject
to appropriate reference(s) and security clearance if applicable.
Please complete the online CV template and save it on your computer, email it to
enfrecruitment@sars.gov.za and indicate the reference number and the job title of the
vacancy you are applying for in the subject line


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